Concealed Handgun Increases Violent Crimes

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Para 1 Carrying a concealed handgun increases violent crimes such as store, bank robbery, rape, aggravated assaults and murders. These crimes, crimes such as rape, murder, robberies and etc.… started to occur because anyone in the public was allowed to carry a concealed handgun. Infact the crimes listed above have increased by almost 51%. With the level of restriction that is put in place in the second amendment, it makes it is easier for criminals to get access to weapons but that means that any child with a legit fake I.D can get his hands on a handgun. That being said that has made people feel less safe when they walk in the streets at night or go for an early morning jog. As a result people prefer to roam the streets of America with a…show more content…
The United States of America are leading the world in polls and graphs when it comes to violence and ownership of handguns in the world. More young Americans now die from guns than cars. America owns almost half of the world’s civilian guns approximately 270,000,000 people own guns in the U.S.A which Is around 5 times more than the second country and their homicide from guns are around 3 times more than all the other countries. More than 32,000 people are killed annually in the U.S.A. America is around 6 times more than its peer nations (Canada, Germany, England and Wales). According to USA Today “since 2006, there have been more than 200 mass killings in the United States.The FBI counted 172 cases of mass killings between 2006 and 2011. That does not include some large states such as Florida, for example Poor reporting by police agencies to the FBI also means some mass killings were left out, while others that don’t meet the standard were included” That means that their are a lot of mass shootings and a lot of people dying because of people who have a weapon and because this law was not restricted anyone is allowed to buy weapons. However in most of the mass killings the average age is 31 and the youngest was 14, see how a boy at such a age can get a hold of a weapon. . The most important reason handguns should be outlawed is because too many…show more content…
Many police stations around America say that this Law should be banned and so does Obama. Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck said, "I have seen far too much gun violence in my lifetime to think that more guns is a solution... a gun is more likely to be used against you than you use a gun in self-defense." All police stations around America say that this Law should be banned because not only will it stop crime from occurring, making people feel safer and narrow the search on criminals it will make America a safer place for all people. Not only that but Barack Obama respects the 2nd Amendment, but local gun bans he is okay with. Major companies, sheriffs and high position people want this law repealed or changed. More than 100 big, successful companies want this law removed or changed because they think too many deaths have occurred. This would make the streets and people suffer however the gun industries would not be too happy of that as they currently make over 80 million

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