Gun Control Cons

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Gun control has long been a controversial topic in the U.S. The U.S. government need to strengthen the gun control regulations to a level that no one has gun, with only a few exceptions. The government will then still need to have supervision on these exceptions. These can protect her citizens and future. Currently, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution empowers the U.S. citizens to own guns. Most citizens can buy guns in a shop. The buyer needs to pass a certain requirement to be able to buy guns, like their medical proof of no mental illness or no violence history. However, on top of that, strong regulations are needed for the whole U.S. society. The reason is that gun control can protect the safety of the U.S. citizens.…show more content…
citizens is to reduce the success rate of suicide. Gun is dangerous because it can take one life away in a sudden if the correct places are shot. States with more guns tend to have more homicides. Back to 2001 to 2005, the state with the lowest rate of gun ownership had around 31.5% of firearm suicides out of all suicides (Matthew, M. & David, H., 2008). However, for the state with the highest rate of gun ownership, the firearm suicides rate out of all suicides is more than 64.3%. This shows that with gun around, people’s suicide rate will increase as it is much more easy for them to kill themselves. It is not hard to believe as what you need to do is pull the trigger and you will die. According to David Hemenway, a Harvard University 's School of Public Health’s professor, “Many suicides are impulsive, and the urge to die fades away.” Strengthen gun control can reduce the immediate wish for the death of people. Maybe they can go to the professionals and receive therapy to try to have a new life. However, if they can end their lives so easily, there is no way back. Most importantly, some gunshot is an accident but it still takes away lives. According to CNN’s report, 1,300 US children’s lives were taken away by guns. Most are not killed by others, but themselves accidentally pull the trigger. An experiment was conducted in 2001 to test what would children react to a gun (Geoffrey A. J., Mirna M. F., Arthur L. K.,
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