Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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In the previous weeks a travesty occurred. In Florida’s Parkland High school a disturbed individual entered the building and murdered 17 civilians and injured 14 more. This is a tragedy and the families and friends of these victims are mourning. However, with such a travesty as this, it ignites a debate. In the aftermath of such a catastrophe, what should we do. People are always shifting the blame to whatever they can. The mental health of the shooter, loose gun regulation, and violent things in our culture like video games and movies are always blamed by the media. However, over the years there has been no change to anything that has been effective in curbing the number of mass shootings. So what is the solution? Well I think that there is no one thing that is correct. This is a complex issue with many different ways to go at this, and the solution is not just one, but many different ideas that will need to come together to solve this problem. One of the first reactions to these kind of events is gun control. In this control they always push for either 100% prohibition of weapons, or regulation of higher end firearms. These are both stances that are common when people feel guns are the problem. This will decrease the number of weapons to near zero. Allowing only police officers and bad actors to have these weapons. However, that is the problem. If bad actors still have the ability to get weapons that changes nothing. Currently many drugs are illegal in the united states,
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