Gun Laws Trends

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Gun Laws On Feburary 14, 2018 in Parkland Florida, a 19-year-old gunman who was a former student, opened fire at his old high school. The shooter killed 17 and injured 14. After the incident, many U.S citizens talked about gun control. The phrase “gun laws” trended on Google bringing the intrest rate from 11 to 100 within minutes. While this trend was tipping, this same tendency has been popular before, an example being the Sandy Hook shooting in December of 2012. The intrest rate explosion was about the same as Parkland in 2018. The Gun laws movement relates to the connecters from The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Gun Laws relates to connectors because gun laws has already taken off dramaticly and it has become one of the biggest mainstreams…show more content…
An article by Heather Dockray who is a Web Trends reporter for states the history of the movement and how it faded in just a short period of time. For example, on October 1, 2017 there was a mass shooting during a concert in Las Vegas which killed 59 people and injured 500. In addition, “ This remains the largest mass shooting in modern American history. Yet, Google Trends shows that it only took a week for searches about gun control to decline to nearly their pre-massacre levels.” (Dockray). This proves the history of the gun law movement because it only lasted a week. To addd to that, according to Google Trends, the gun law interest rate after the Las Vegas shooting went from 100 on October 3rd to 23 on October 8th. Another example is Sandy Hook in 2012. According to Google Trends, The gun law interest rate after Sandy Hook went from a 100 on December 15 to a 52 the very next day and it slowly decreased after that. This ties to the tipping point because, “For younger kids, repetition is really valuable. They demand it. When they see a show over and over again, they not only are understanding it better, which is a form of power, but just by predicting what is going to happen, I think they feel a real sense of affirmation and self-worth.” (Gladwell 132). This shows that the gun law movement will not stick because people are going to stop adressing this and eventually this trend…show more content…
An article written by Harry Enten who is an american journalist for CNN, explianed why the U.S Congress has been slow to take action on gun control. One example being, americans are very polarized about gun policy. Polarized means to cause people or opinions to seperate into opposing groups. An example from the text, “Americans were more polarized on gun policy than any other issue except building a border wall with Mexico… on the subject, 79% of Republicans favored protecting gun ownership rights over limiting gun access. That compares with 20% of Democrats who felt the same way.” (Enten). This demonstrates that the congress is unsure on what to do about gun policys because of the different thoughts and opionons of the citzens on the policys. To add on, the gun rights advicates are more passionate. An example from the text, “Gun owners are 9 points (21% to 12%) more likely to have contacted public officials about gun policy than those who don 't own guns. Americans who favor loosening gun laws have been 7 points (22% to 15%) more likely to contact public officials than those who favor stricter gun laws.” (Enten). This also demonstrates that the congress is unsure on what to do about the argument on guns because many more gun advicates are more passionate then those agianst guns. This all ties to The Tipping Point because, “ If you want to bring a fundamental change in people 's belief and
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