Should Gun Laws Be Allowed In Schools

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The increase in mass shootings and school shootings has sparked a lot of conversation on the gun laws that are in place right now. The most recent mass school shooting happened in Florida, “a gunman set off fire alarms at a Florida high school on Feb. 14, luring hundreds of students out of their classrooms so he could open fire on them with a semi-automatic AR-15” (Farber). This shooting sparked nationwide conversation on the gun laws that the government has put in place. There is a percentage of the population in the United States that believes that all firearms should have harsher laws, and some people even want to see firearms completely banned. However, there is another group of people who want to see the gun laws kept as they are, or even have the laws become…show more content…
Many people who think that the gun laws should become more strict are wanting stricter laws surrounding the firearms, not the people who are in control of the firearms. Many can agree that all firearms are inanimate objects. Inanimacy refers to an object that is not animated, or alive. However, the person who is in control of the firearm is a living creature. It is impossible for the inanimate firearm to pull it’s own trigger. The person who is in control of the firearm is the one who is responsible for the trigger being pulled and the bullet leaving the chamber. Therefore, the firearm should not be the one to blame for the individual that pulls the firearm’s trigger. Many people will also bring up the point that there are countries in the world that have less gun violence than other countries. “Obtaining any of these types of guns requires citizens to attend gun safety classes; take written and practical gun-use tests; and submit to drug tests, background checks, and psychological evaluations” (“Gun Control”). This is an example of the legal process the citizens of Japan must go through in order to
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