Pro Gun Control Essay

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Gun control has a dangerous track record; it has been seen to cause the death of millions of people, and the unrightful hostile takeover of basic freedoms of innocent citizens. Throughout history gun control has been introduced many times in foreign countries for the sole purpose of disarming, and threatening its own citizens. For example, in Nazi Germany, Jews were forbidden to purchase or own any firearms. Unable to defend themselves Adolf Hitler ordered the murder of over six million Jewish citizens. (Polsby 21) This same technique can also be seen in Turkey. In Turkey many strict gun control laws were passed against most citizens of Turkey. The passed gun control laws allowed for the genocide of millions of Armenians once again unable to defend themselves. (Polsby 21) Gun control has led a terrible example across the world, and often results in the genocide of millions, as millions of citizens find themselves unable to defend against a tyrannical government. On the other hand, in countries that have refused to implement any gun control, have some of the lowest crime rates in the world. The best example of gun freedoms providing security to a nation is in Switzerland. In Switzerland when a citizen turns 18, and has been granted a permit to purchase a weapon, may purchase up to three guns. Approximately 4.5…show more content…
Gun control must not be established for the sake of a citizen 's right to protect themselves from crime, and to protect citizens from potential mass shooting, and gun control must be stopped for the basic principle of security the citizens have from the government itself. The future must not be dominated by oppressive gun reforms or any law revoking guns from those who need them the most; instead as a society America must progress towards arming the population not disarming, and to protecting not
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