Mass Shootings Essay

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When people think about firearms, they usually associate it with the recent mass shootings and countless homicides that have occurred across the U.S.. For example, the shootings in Sandy Brook, Las Vegas, Dallas, Orlando, California, Colorado Springs, Oregon, Tennessee, South Carolina, Washington, and etc. These are just 10 out of the 146 horrific mass shootings that have occurred between 1967 and 2017. Despite the U.S. having many gun policies and laws, compared to Japan’s approach with guns they are very behind. Once I was randomly scrolling through Facebook and my eyes spotted a video which stated, “How Easy it is to Buy an Ar-15”. It was a one minute long video which was an eye opener because it stated that it only takes 15 minutes for someone to buy a gun, like the Ar-15. All it takes is 15 minutes for a person to obtain a weapon which ultimately might kill a dozen of people. For example, Nikolas Cruz who killed about 17 people in Stoneman Douglas High School had to wait 5 days for a gun because he did not have a conceal carry license; however, later he went through a background check and then legally bought an Ar-15. That was all he needed to execute his horrific plan and evil desires. Imagine living with the fact that the person who killed your loved one wasn’t stopped because there was no protocol or rule…show more content…
How do you allow a 14 year old to even touch a gun? In which book is it written that a 14 year old is mature enough to handle a weapon of destruction? What’s worse is that you never know what goes on in a mind of a 14 year old, you don’t know what he’s thinking or planning of and unknowingly you’re pushing him to do something that he otherwise had no chance to do. He could be the next mass shooter, for as much as you know. This could all be changed if the U.S. implented policies and procedures which would make obtaining a gun very strenuous, like Japan

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