Persuasive Essay On Gun Violence On Campus

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This year, Georgia has passed a law that a person over twenty-one can carry a gun on campus. The law also prohibit them to bring it to a school event or in the dorms. Not everybody going to be happy about Georgia decision Carry a gun around thousands of people is very threating because, we don’t know what that person is capable of. This law can either be the solver of all gun violence on campus or it can create more violence on school campus.
In the past year, there have been shooting on college campus. For example, the shooting at Umpqua Community College. Christopher Harper-Mercer was a student at Umpqua. He killed eight students and an assistant professor and injured nine others. This is because the security of the campus was overlooked.
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A gun is a dangerous object and only a police officer should carry one. We are worried about violence on campus, if we just expand police officer on campus will also help. Gun will not solve anything; it will just make things worse. For instance, if a person that has a gun and feel unsafe and threated people with the gun. A gun brings power that everybody can’t contain. That one incident could have been controlled if we didn’t allow guns on campus.
Andy Pelosi, the founder of “Keep Guns Off Campus”, is an advocacy when it comes to gun violence on campus. Twenty states have laws that prohibit carrying concealed weapons on campus. When Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting happened he argued against guns on campus. He told the people “there is already wide agreement among law enforcement and the general public that campuses would be safer without guns.” Guns can either solve the problem or make it worse. Many colleges shooting happens when the student is the shooter. If more college allows this law into school its basically making the shooter mission easier. They are putting innocent people in danger. So many factors play a part in this law. I f we stop this law and just expand on security and not allowed citizen to have a gun on campus we could stop many things from
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