School Shooting Speech Analysis

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U.S President Donald trump received $30 million dollars this year from the National Rifle Association (NRA). In the articles, “Famous Speeches: We call BS, Emma Gonzalez 's speech to gun advocates,” and “Issue overview: Guns in America they talk about how there have been so many school shooting across the world due to random people being able to buy any gun they want without having a license or just being under age. President Donald Trump has apologized so many times for the school shooting that have happened, but not even one time have we done anything to stop these outrages on gun violence. There is a website called, “,” it lists all the shootings that have happened all around the world at, what time, place, how many citizens…show more content…
In the article on NewsEla, “Famous Speech…,” it states "So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed" and that he was even expelled for bad behavior.” Also in a NewsEla article called “Issue Overview…,” it says “The week after the shooting, senators proposed half a dozen laws that would keep suspected terrorists from buying guns.” The difference between these two sentences in the different articles is that some people think that the person that decides to cause a school shooting is mentally disturbed. Other people may think that they are terrorist and they believe in the Muslims teachings of ISIS. These are two completely different things because the person that could be mentally disturbed could be just an average, teenage American that goes to school and does everything normal except the fact that he planning to do something that is beyond scary for others. The terrorist mainly plan these things for a very long time and could possibly have others involved. Thinking about this topic makes others think about how this really can impact people’s lives and how it impacted Emma Gonzalez’s life (Author of Famous Speeches: "We call BS," Emma Gonzalez 's speech to gun advocates.” Tragically she was a victim on the school shooting on Florida that happened recently. Furthermore, other kids just like Emma were victims just like

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