Persuasive Essay On Guns Are Bad

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Are Guns Used for Protection or Destruction Carrying guns in the United States has become a very sensitive issue. Uprising threats has fueled immense fear in people causing them to carry loaded weapons. From terrorist attacks to school-shootings, carrying guns has become a coping method for many citizens. News reports illustrate horrific crimes that encompass massacres and horrendous homicides. For example, the traumatic shooting in Sandy Hook killed more than 20 children and teachers. Families are in utter distress, especially for the safety of their loved ones. Some people are insisting on laws that will restrict guns with the hope of a safer environment. Allowing the majority of citizens to carry guns gives the impression of a fearful society.…show more content…
Guns have become very accessible, even to those under the age limit. Not only does this pose a threat to the gun owner, but to the public population as well. Statistics reveal that “8.9 percent of American adults experience impulsive anger symptoms and have guns in their home” (Pollack 1). This explains the sudden mass shootings and homicides that result in dozens of deaths and injuries. Strengthening gun control laws will be a massive modification towards safer communities, thus a safer country. For instance, raising the age limit for those who can carry guns will decrease irrational crimes committed by young adults. Many people involved in the government have stated similar assertions. Former United States representative, Gabrielle Giffords, “advocates for background checks to prevent criminals, domestic abusers, and seriously mentally ill people from buying guns” (Rider). Also, Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton has confirmed that one of her duties has President of the United States would be to reform gun laws and act against gun violence. Some studies have shown that gun policies reduce gun crime. “In 2007, Missouri repealed its permit-to-purchase handgun law,” which caused a “ 25 percent increase in Missouri’s gun homicides” (Pollack 2). Gun crimes have undoubtedly become the heart of today’s debates, but most people fail to recognize that mass shootings and gun violence count for only a small
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