Persuasive Essay On Guns In Schools

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Would a classroom full of students of all races some carrying guns and some not make you feel as if your university is a safe place for you to learn? Many of our college peers would say that this would make them very uncomfortable, while others would say it makes them feel safer. Since our colleges and universities are supposed to be high learning sanctuaries, they can become treacherous places when students or faculty are carrying around concealed handguns.

If an unknown number of students on campus had concealed weapons, their peers would feel a little edgy. One reason being that their peer could get into an altercation with another student and retaliate using the concealed weapon they have on them possibly resulting in someone losing their life. This traumatic event would disturb the fellow students’ sense of safety and security. Safety is very important to students and their parents when choosing a college to, they want to …show more content…

Weapons that the university does not know about can cause major problems. Along with going to class, college students attend parties and alcohol may be served. Just like drinking and driving isn’t a good combination, guns and alcohol aren’t any different. It is dangerous and should not occur. If there’s a party, there will likely be that one person who will bring their gun to show off and get drunk, at that point and time that person can get enraged by something so little and pull the gun on another person or accidently shoot their self at the same time. Mental health issues and suicide risks are also important reasons why guns shouldn’t be allowed on campuses. College is a vulnerable time for students. If they are going through a dramatic event and can’t seem to find a way to cope with it, they may have thoughts of suicide. Allowing guns on campus would increase their availability to students who are thinking about taking their own

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