Persuasive Essay On Guns In Schools Research Paper

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Did you know that many schools are wanting to allow guns in school property? Some school systems believe that having weapons will make the school secure. However, many people believe differ. While some people believe that carrying weapons can lead to protection, it has a risk of being dangerous and school personnel should not be allowed to carry weapons. This has been a topic talked about to this day. However, many people think otherwise.
Some people argue that guns are dangerous for all reasons. However, guns can help schools. Guns can be useful for self defense from intruders. Teachers can help protect students from any assaults. Schools have had the idea to let teachers and administrators carry guns around school campus. “Teachers can and will be trained to carry and use guns” (Harris-Taylor). This will help students feel
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The subject of guns could be talked about all the time. School is meant to be a place where someone could be educated freely and not feel imprisoned. Some students might want to feel the need to plan things out with the weapon. “Some many never know that some students would want to take hold of the weapon since it can be accessed easily” (Robertson) which is terrifying to realize. Since these weapons can be accessed easily, students will want to do harm. Students can end up killing other students with the school weapon and that is a major problem parents are fearing.
The subject of allowing teachers to have guns in school property has been a well known discussion. “Parents believe that having guns near their children is not safe” (Elliott) has been mentioned multiple times. Some parents state that it can be a bad influence for their children to be around weapons. Many schools have been wanting to talk about this subject for decades since many school shootings has been happening recently. Essentially, parents do not agree with the idea of weapons being near their
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