Persuasive Essay On Guns On Campus

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have the right to protect yourself. Face to face with a madman and his gun, the last thing we want is to be left defenseless. This is why I am a student for concealed firearms on campus. I believe the most efficient defense against an out-of-control triggerman on campus is other armed students and professors who can shoot back and stop the carnage. School campuses are not places common people feel concerned enough to protect themselves with a gun. Learning that over 20 of the deadliest mass shootings in the United States have taken place on school grounds, has changed my mind. In Texas alone, eight school shootings have occurred just after 1990.
On August 1st, 1966 Charles Whitman opened fire on 43 people while standing on top of the UT
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With training courses, fingerprinting, and testing, we can't believe that convicts will want to register murder weapons. The amount of people with CHLs has steadily increased, and contrary to criticism, crime has fallen. Over 70 U.S. campuses currently permit licensed handguns, and there haven’t been any reports of accidents, confrontations, or shoot-outs as a result of their permitting guns on their campuses. In fact, statistics show the crime rate at Colorado State University has gone steadily down since concealed carry was enacted.
Government-approved procedures guarantee that only responsible citizens have access to meaningful self-defense options. Allowing concealed carry on college campuses would not change the guidelines about who can receive a concealed license or buy a gun.
The key to safety is to always be prepared for the worst. We wear safety belts in our cars, place helmets on our children’s heads, and lock our doors at night because we know these safety precautions will reduce the risk of harm to us. So just like we protect ourselves on a daily basis, we will now start to protect ourselves by allowing the same trained, licensed adults who legally carry concealed handguns when not on college campuses to do so on college
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