Persuasive Essay On Guns On College Campuses

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Guns on college campuses has been a rising topic since the 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre. Before the Virginia Tech Massacre there were not many laws about guns on campuses or about the precautions that should be taken when selling handguns. Since then there have been many laws and gun buying restrictions implemented in order to keep crime down. However, there is still debate on what else can be done in order to protect students and faculty. One debate is whether or not guns should be allowed as protection for students and faculty. There are many people who are either for guns on campuses or against guns on campuses. Guns on college campuses would not help stop the crime; in fact, if guns were allowed on college campuses then crime would increase. Guns…show more content…
There are many nonlethal weapons that could be used to apprehend someone that is threatening the lives of other people on a campus. One method is to have more police officers on the campus that are readily available to use as a resource in a situation. Having police officers scattered around the campus instead of in one general area could help any situation. Another method that could be used is letting students and faculty have access to long range stun guns that could stop a person that does have a gun from a safe distance. This method would allow the shooter to be apprehended but would not kill them or any innocent person that it was accidentally hit with. The last but not least method that could be used is to have everyone carry around pepper spray. This could be used if an innocent person was in a close proximity to the person that had the gun. Again, it would stop the person but it would not be lethal if it was to be used on the wrong person. There are many other ways to protect students and faculty without the use of guns which are one of the most deadly weapons that could be
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