Persuasive Essay On Hair Removal

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It can be scary to spend money on an at-home device for hair removal because it can be costly to make a mistake. Heading into a salon can cost thousands of dollars, so choosing an at-home system will save you money, but nobody wants to spend money on a device that doesn 't give the desired results. We 're counting down the best at-home hair removal devices for the year. These are some of the best on the market, and ones that have many satisfied customers. Of those who didn 't have a good experience, they are almost all because the person didn 't understand the process of hair removal at home. Luma Rx IPL Hair Removal Full Body Device There are two LumaRx products on this list. This one is the Full Body device that is used to treat large areas of the body easily. It utilizes IPL technology for hair removal. Features and Specifications Large Treatment Window Skin Color Sensor 5 Power Levels 65,000 Flashes Cleaning Cloth User Guide The Results After 3 treatments, users have reported a loss of 60% of their hair within the first 12 months of treatment. With continued use over repeated months, there could be as much as 90% reduction in hair growth over a person 's lifetime. Skin Tones and Hair Color This is for use with dark hair and light skin. Tria Beauty Precision Laser Hair Removal This device is meant to be used for precise hair removal on the face, neck, and other areas that require sensitivity like the bikini area. The manufacturer says it 's safe to use the

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