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Losing hair is a serious issue that affects the personality in many ways. When it comes to beauty, all of us consider hair as an added value. After all, who does not want to look beautiful? Every one of us, whether we are men or women, we do care about our looks and are always in search for the best available solutions to look our best. That a reason why beauty salons are countless all over the world. Hair loss is an unpleasant experience and depressing to some extent. However, as a permanent solution for this problem hair transplantation came out. For those who suffer from hair loss, it came as a gift from heaven, and many who has been through this experience are extremely content with the results. This, in turn, has made the hair transplant…show more content…
Still, for such a rapidly growing industry serious problems may happen. As in the local black market, there are some unlicensed hair-transplant businesses. They do operations with unauthorized staffs in a low hygiene places putting patients’ lives at risk. For that, the government is doing its best to ban them. In this country for all hair transplant clinic or hospitals, to be able to operate, they have to be registered with the national healthcare system. However, you can still be able to identify them by price. When they offer to do such a surgical procedure at very low price. Since doing it needs a fully equipped hospital and a doctor or cosmetic surgeon to perform it. Then, there should be certain limits that prevent them from dropping the price too much.

4- Specialized hospitals

These days, you can find a full services state-of-art hospital specialized in hair transplantation and plastic surgery. In these hospitals, the healthcare services provided are at a high-quality level. Certainly, as the rivalry is high in this field they offer their services in compliance with the international quality standards. Over and above, they use contemporary equipment with newest and best techniques and method to guarantee the finest results for their patients.

5- Recreation

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