Persuasive Essay On Half Way Home

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Halfway house’s are today known as a community residential option for offenders. They have existed in America for a long time originating from a model created in England & Ireland over two centuries ago (Latessa & Smith, 2011). These facilities are located in free society and house offenders who are being released form incarceration. They can also be utilized as another option for sentencing of an offender (Latessa & Smith, 2011). There are obvious safety concerns if one of these ‘halfway-houses’ were to be opened in the community in which you live. There are also some other concerns that may not appear so obvious such as what it costs to run these homes and how effective they are at preventing recidivism (Latessa & Smith, 2011). Halfway homes provide temporary living quarters to assist in the transition from corrections to free society. The transition going from incarceration to being free has many difficulties and struggles for offenders. Having a community residential home to relieve the stress of immediately finding a place to live not only helps the transition, but provides a mechanism other than jail or prison which is proven ineffective for rehabilitation (Latessa & Smith, 2011). These homes also provide multiple models of treatment to again increase…show more content…
Because they have expanded their role and can offer options for those on probation and those charged with a crime, this supports current initiatives to prevent putting everyone in jail or prison (Latessa & Smith, 2011). These homes are focused on reintegration and not just rehabilitation; furthering the effectiveness they provide communities and offenders (Latessa & Smith, 2011). Finally, the costs on taxpayers are far better going to community residential programs than compared to the cost of incarceration (Latessa & Smith,
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