Persuasive Essay On Halloween Costumes

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It’s Halloween everybody. That time of the year when you can wear anything you wish

and not be considered goofy. It’s always tough to find that unique costume to wear on this

boisterous day when kids eagerly go from door to door wearing their favorite costume and yell

‘Trick-or-Treat’ to bag their favorite candy to munch on. Many prefer the classic Frankenstein

costume but kids need something more subtle. Disney characters and Marvel superheroes are hot

favorite among children whereas teens and adults prefer the more scary and grotesque look from

famous horror movies.

When it comes to your baby’s first Halloween costume, you know deep inside that it has

to be perfect and you would want to capture this moment in a camera and
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9) Baby Dinosaur

A hat and a diaper cover with spikes shaped like the protrusions on the back of a

dinosaur. This will transform your baby into a cuddly dinosaur.

10) Queen of Hearts

Black pants and a shirt having the picture of queen of heart cards. This is topped off with

a gentle crown on the baby’s head. Now this is what we call ‘playing your cards right’.

Halloween also happens to be the day most photographs are taken. Parents take pictures

of their kids in various costumes and save them to cherish it in the future. But not all pictures are

taken from professional cameras with most of them captured using simple hand held phones

having low resolution.

So how do you ensure that your photographs look great even when you look at them

many years from now? This is where a professional photo editing company can transform your

photographs into your most treasured possession. Your kids when they grow up all big will

appreciate your effort of making their 1st Halloween a memorable experience which they will

cherish for the rest of their lives.

Hope your baby looks like the cutest pumpkin in the patch. Happy Halloween everybody. Have a

scary good
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