Persuasive Essay On Hamster Balls

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Hamster balls are for human entertainment, not for hamsters. Please don 't put your hamster inside a hamster ball.

No Water and No Food

If your hamster decides that it is hungry or thirsty, there is nothing that it can do to satisfy that need. It can not get out without your permission and intervention.

There is no designated bathroom area

If your hamster pees, then it is going to be rolling around in the strong, smelly liquid. Hamsters aren 't like dogs, which have an affinity for rolling around in smelly substances. Rather, hamsters value cleanliness; and they even designate certain areas of their cages in which to pee. So if you think that a hamster covered in pee is unpleasant, just imagine what the poor hamster thinks about the idea!

It is Too Easy to
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Your hamster is trapped.

If your hamster wants to get out, take a break, walk on level ground for a while, he can 't.

Being inside a dark closet

You might think that it would be a lot of fun to roll around in a human-sized hamster ball. And though I have not done it, I bet that I would enjoy it too. There are two major differences, though, between a hamster running inside a ball and a human playing inside a ball. For one, you would get into a human hamster ball by choice. For two, almost every human-sized ball that I have seen is clear or at least translucent enough to easily see where you are going. That is, you still use your primary sense - you can see; you aren 't experiencing sensory deprivation.

With balls made for hamsters, however, the animal doesn 't enter by choice; doesn 't know where he is going; can 't see outside; and worse, the ball surface muffles sounds and blocks odors. So the hamster has no idea where he is and no frame of reference. In fact, for a hamster, being inside a ball probably feels the same way that a human would feel if he or she were trapped inside a dark closet - where the ground never stopped moving.

Don 't torture your beloved pet by putting him in any sort of

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