Persuasive Essay On Happy Columbus Day

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All national holidays in our calendars celebrate some sort of special occasion, that's why their holidays after all. Whether it be Valentines Day for love, Easter a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, or if non Christian spring spirit, Christmas the birth of Jesus for Christians, or a time of giving and joy, and etc. There are even holidays for great people like Martin Luther, Cesar Chavez, and Abraham Lincoln, that commemorate their great achievements. But, one seems to stick out like a sore thumb; Columbus Day. Have you heard anyone say, "Happy Columbus Day", or throw a party for this holiday. Most people just say, "Cool we have another day off". Their are now so many different variants of this holiday, that what's the point of keeping it Columbus Day for another name. Also, the sad part is that your celebrating an enslaver of Native Americans, and a very tyrannical person. Finally, the most surprising idea to comprehend out of all of this is that he didn't even discover The Americas, he discovered the Bahamas. We made a holiday for a man to celebrate his discovering of America, that didn't even discover America! In a way that's like celebrating New Years, but the start of the New Year is Madrigal 2 next month, see how…show more content…
In another article, titled "Why We Shouldn't Celebrate Columbus Day" by, shows how many Natives he killed in Haiti. According to these numbers by the article, "According to a census taken by Columbus' men, in 1496 there were more than 1 million natives on the island of Haiti. By 1616, there were 12,000. By 1555, there were zero full-blooded natives left on the island. Why is this? Columbus enslaved natives and killed any person who dared to resist him". He even made Native Americans commit suicide, as said in the article, "...more than 50,000 Native committed mass suicide to avoid
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