Persuasive Essay On Haunted House

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Are you bored of regular roller coaster? Do you like haunted houses? If so come on down and try out the new roller coaster called haunted. The is supposed to be a scary and thrilling roller coaster for all of the passengers to experience. The ride is about three minutes long, and the average wait time to get onto the ride is about 15 minutes long. The maximum weight to get on the ride is 300 pounds, but once every 6 hours the ride does stop letting everyone on so that special carts for the heavier set people and their families can be put on the track. There is no shame in going in one of those carts, just think of it like your own private roller coaster! Haunted contains to hills with the highest point at 115 ft. above the ground. The actual…show more content…
The friction after the first loop will slow you down so that you are not speeding through the haunted house part of the ride. Then after the haunted house you will experience a very speedy acceleration so that you can make it up the next hill safely. As you go down both hills you will then experience freefall, where you will only be affected by gravity. The Haunted coaster is a full 2,007 meters in length. The actual coaster part itself is 1,650 meters long, but the haunted house part adds the missing 357 meters. On the ride you will be traveling at a average speed of 64 miles per hour, until about 100 meters of the haunted house part where the friction will slow down the full force of the cart to 5 miles per hour so that you have enough time to look at everything in the haunted house without missing a few things. Inside the haunted house you will find that it is split up into 3 dimly lit rooms. Each room contains something different. In the first room where you enter there is 5 creepy clowns standing and hanging all over waving to you. Then the next room is filled with water sprayers, that drip red colored water on the cart so that it looks like
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