Persuasive Essay On Having A Pet

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For many years throughout history, animals have been in the human life. Animals have been used for many things from big things like helping grow crops to simple things. Having a pet is a pretty big responsibility at the end the work and effort pays off when we start to see our pets as another family member. Having a pet is fun and all, but does it occur to us what goes beyond the ball fetching and tail chasing? Animals help us with a lot more than we think they do. Animals help us with things people can’t begin to imagine. Animals are beneficial to our mental and physical health in many ways. Having a pet is beneficial to humans in general. “Pets provide unconditional love and acceptance and may be part of answers to social problems, such as inactivity and obesity.”(Braun). Like stated in the quote animals provide unconditional love, Many times people need some type of love, it’s not as simple to just get it from others as it is from our pets. Pets just ask for food and attention in return, their needs aren’t as much of high standard as humans. “Pets are of great importance to people, especially during hard economic times.” (Braun). Many of us search for loyalty either in our friendships or in relationships our pets are the most loyal friends we could ask for. Pets are there for us during hard times when others either can’t or simply don’t want to. Having a pet can help create a responsible character and good habits. Not only can animals be of great support or

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