The Importance Of Animals In Human Life

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For many years throughout history, animals have been in the human life. Animals have been used for many things from big things like helping grow crops to simple things. Having a pet is a pretty big responsibility at the end the work and effort pays off when we start to see our pets as another family member. Having a pet is fun and all, but does it occur to us what goes beyond the ball fetching and tail chasing? Animals help us with a lot more than we think they do. Animals help us with things people can’t begin to imagine. Animals are beneficial to our mental and physical health in many ways. Having a pet is beneficial to humans in general. “Pets provide unconditional love and acceptance and may be part of answers to social problems,…show more content…
In most cases it’s based on how the day went or how someone 's mood is. “ When it comes to reaping the benefits of exercise, there are many barriers such as lack of time, interest or exercise partner standing in the way “ (Flores). In today 's world, there are so many things going on in people 's lives they constantly are on the run not being able to make time to exercise. Being active not only helps keep in shape now, but in the long run it helps the body to be strong and healthy. Many people need motivation to continue to exercise. When people are around their pets they can instantly feel better and find the motivation they need to keep moving forward. The most common pets are dogs, not only are dogs very active, but a good companion to have around. “No matter your mood- depressed, anxious, or stressed- one plaintive look from your dog and you’ll have to get out of bed to feed, exercise, and care for your pet” (Robinson). Having a pet can produce a more active life when lacking fitness. Having a pet really helps motivate to move rather than being on the couch and slacking off keeping us on our feet. “Man 's best friend might be man’s best trainer. Owners walk more for their dogs benefit than for their own” (Flores). Having a good reason to be active is a pretty hard thing, but if the reason is for someone else’s benefit we work harder to keeping doing it. Having to go to the gym or even getting a trainer is quite expensive, a pet can really be are own trainer pushing people to their limits encouraging to to keep going forward and not quit. Animals can also help the body in multiple ways other than being
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