Persuasive Essay On Head Injuries And Concussions

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Tackle football is very popular sport in the U.S and it 's the main topic of a sports fanatic.
The youth is also affiliated with this activity as well. Although, children at the age of 12, participate in these activities, tackle football shouldn’t be a youth hobby because at the age of 12, the brain development is vital and the activity increases the national rate of head injuries or even death. Children at the age of 12 and above are going through a very vital moment of body growth and this system can be altered if any organ is damaged such as the brain, heart and even the lungs. The brain itself is very very important to the human body because it controls each organ and organ system. In football, however, tackling someone could cause countless of head injuries and concussions. Several of these injuries could even turn to deaths. Researchers found that a “former NFL players who started playing tackle football before the age of 12 performed an average of 20% worse on series of cognitive tests than those who started playing tackle football after they celebrated their 12 birthdays…”. Other research has
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Especially when it balls down to tackle football. This activity itself generates a huge national rate on head injuries because of “concussions’. Statistics show that “ 70% of all football players in the U.S are younger than 14 and that players between 9 and 12 are exposed to an average of 240 head impacts in a single football season.” Other percentages show that “ 50% of “second impact syndrome” incidents- brain injury caused from a premature child return to activity after suffering initial injury (concussion)- result to death. Considering that this sport is very amusing, it also is very dangerous especially for premature
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