Persuasive Essay On Health Care Fraud

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It 's scary, and thoughtless how companies and/or businesses will actually commit this unworthy act. we the patients should be able to trust in these members of society, and not to feel cheated especially when patient 's look at their statements and have to question the problem they see. maybe that 's why healthcare is always changing policies, and premiums going up. the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA) estimates that the financial losses are due to health care fraud in the high billions of dollars each year. patients fall to health care fraud tremendously in this day in age. patients need protection when it comes to their health care plan and investment. can you imagine how some patients bills are always climbing, half the time they don 't have enough to pay the bill, or…show more content…
Don 't be blinded by the fact that health care fraud is a victimless crime. health care fraud can have devastating effects. health care fraud can be committted by a small minority of dishonest health care providers. needless to say, these deceitful actions ultimately gives a reputation of perhaps the most trusted and respected members of our society-our physicians. health care has many faces when it comes to fraud. These groups have the luxury of being creative because it gives them access to a large range of variables in which to proceed with all sorts of wrongdoing: * Have a range of potential medical conditions and treatments to which base false claims. * The ability to spread false billings within many insurers simultanesously, including public programs as Medicare and Medicaid, Increasing fraud proceeds while lessening their chances of being detected by any single insurer. * The population of our nation 's patients. -- The most common types of fraud commited by dishonest providers include: * Billing for services that were never provided, obtaining identity theft to fabricate claims or by padding claims with charges for procedures or services that did not take

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