Objectives Of Sh Education

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Heath Education
The health education progragmme should be focus on the population at risk. The prime objectives of health education is to provide information, make awareness and mobilize peoples to practice good health related aspects to keep them safe and sound. In resource poor community, where lacks proper sanitation and hygiene, health education can bring life style changes (Smits, 2009; Knopp et al., 2010; Bieri et al., 2013; Gyorkos et al., 2013; Al-Delaimy et al., 2014). The health education intervention should be cost effective and option should be best for the community, so that they must adopt and, this will help to retain the achievements obtained through preventive chemotherapy (Knopp et al., 2010; Bieri et al., 2013).The people
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The WASH infrastructures are very poor in many countries, and responsible for high STH infection rate and morbidity. Particularly, sanitation is a context of economic development and the most important and definite intervention that can play vital role in elimination of STH infection (Albonico, 2006; Freeman et al., 2015). Hence, long-term STH elimination programme required improvements in WASH (Strunz et al., 2014; Freman et al., 2015). STH infection never counted as a public health problem where WASH access is adequate (Hotez et al., 2008, Freeman et al., 2015) and prevalence of STH is significantly…show more content…
The STH control and elimination programme solely depends on the chemotherapy (Bergquist & Lustingman, 2010). The wide spread use of anthelminthic might increase the risk of resistance (Albonico et al., 2003; Mascarini-Serra, 2011). After preventive chemotherapy, re-infection can occur because of interruption of treatment. The aim of chemotherapy is to eliminate infection and morbidity in the definite host or decrease transmission (Bergquist & Lustingman, 2010). But, the action of vaccine would mainly to be influence transmission through targeting the parasite in definite host, which will reduce the risk of drug failure (Bergquist & Lustingman, 2010).New vaccine will reduce the dependency on benzimidazole and can overcome drug resistance (Mascarini-Serra,
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