Persuasive Essay On Health Food

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"Health Foods" That Could Kill You!! "Health Foods" That Could Kill You Health, can be a tricky topic. It becomes even more confusing when you 're talking about health food, or even worse: Health Authorities. Who are these authorities and what is their definition of healthy food? One persons ' definition may vary greatly to what we are looking for. Be careful what you eat In the supermarket, you will be bombarded with healthy choice, glutten free, or zero calorie food choices. All of which claim to give better food. Most of these claims however are made with little or no evidence. 1. Fruit Juices The fruit juices you find at the supermarket aren’t always what they seem. They may have small amounts of real fruit in them, but often they are little more than water, artificial flavor and sugar.…show more content…
7. Gluten-Free Junk Foods Many people have started to avoid gluten… a protein found in wheat, spelt, rye and barley (and a few other grains). Almost a third of the U.S. population currently wants to cut back on gluten or go gluten-free. Food manufacturers have caught up on the trend and have started offering all sorts of gluten-free “health foods.” The problem with these foods is that they’re usually not healthy at all. Instead of a gluten grain, they’re made with other starches like potato starch, tapioca starch or some others. These starches are usually highly refined, void of nutrients and spike blood sugar fast, just like wheat. But these products are often also loaded with sugar and other harmful or artificial chemicals. This does NOT apply to foods that are naturally gluten free, like meats or vegetables. If a product says “gluten-free” on the package, then it’s probably bad for you. Bottom Line: Gluten-free foods are highly processed foods that are not much healthier than their gluten-containing counterparts. It’s best to avoid them. 8. Margarine And Fake Butters A side effect of the anti-fat hysteria is a plethora of so-called “healthy” butter
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