Healthier School Lunches Essay

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Yes we most definitely have healthier school lunches there would be no more bullying,active kids, and no obese kids. It would be amazing if the school lunches could be healthy. It would also be a life changing thing for all of the obese kids in the world. There are many kids in the world that are obese. We don’t need school lunches making them obese to. Obesity is one of the things that america needs to work in there are 1 in 3 american kids that are obese i would like to stop that. By having healthier school lunches we can stop kids from being obese. If the kids don’t want to eat the healthy food they can either get it together or they can suffer from diabetes i am sure that kids do not want to suffer from…show more content…
I personally felt really bad for my friend i of course helped her make smarter choices and no what to pick and put on her plate. Now she is as healthy as me and is doing all sort of sports. The girl that sits at the table next to er no longer calls her fat or says rude comments to her. This is something that would change by making the school lunches healthier there would be no more bullying and people getting made fun of. If we made the school lunches healthier there would be more active kids during recess, and gym. If we keep they lunches we have today there would be so many kids sitting out on so many fun activities and there would be kid sitting on the benches at recess just watching all of the other kids have fun and running around and the kid that is sitting on the bench can’t even run or play tag like the other kids. The other kids that are are having fun are most likely to be making fun the obese kid or gossiping about how he looks. At gym class the gym teacher probably gets so upset when a obese kid can’t play because he/she can’t even move or run for one game. I am sure that our gym teachers love to see us participate in all of their activities that they come up with for us. I am sure that it would make them feel
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