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Shiny, thick and long hair is high on each woman’s wish list. However, each day exposure to pollution, dirt, sun, and dust makes it an almost difficult dream to reach. Fine-looking hair adds some personality to your appearance and naturally prettifies you. A charismatic hairdo marks you the Eye Candy whereas, if there are observable dandruff flakes, you are indeed being eyed for another purpose. Products offered in the market hold chemicals which do additional damage than good in the long run. So how will you resist all these complications while still keeping hair strong and healthy? Below mentioned are some natural hair care advice, which will help you keep healthy locks: Diet - Overall Health Food performs a very vital part in the overall health of our hair just similar to skin. Here are a few add-ons to your diet as per your hair kind that…show more content…
Moreover, the product you select needs to be perfect for you. Always keep them gentle. For Dry Hair: Opt for one doesn’t more strip your hair of its natural oils. For Oily Hair: Opt for one that works on restraining the action of your oily scalp Must use a cleansing shampoo every once in a while or the product make up will affect the outcomes that you shampoo has. Ladies, please don’t forget that the shampoo is required to clean your scalp and not condition your hair. It will only cause damage in the long run. Use just a drop the size of a button or coin for one rinse; it is more than enough. Olive Oil and Lemon Juice - Cleaning Away the Itchy Scalp An irritated scalp can be a consequence of poor diet, climate or stress. Handle it with an assortment of 2 tbsp. Olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and water. Rub or massage your scalp with this mixture and let it rest for 20-25 minutes. Rinse off as you do. The olive oil conditions the scalp while the lemon juice facilitates take out dry flakes of skin. Egg and Beer - Volume

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