Persuasive Essay On Healthy Life

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The famous words of Thomas Carlyle, “He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything, is not just rhetoric but a pointer towards the need for healthy living especially in the present era where human beings are in the tight clasp of life style disease. Healthy living will lead us to the enjoying life to the fullest without worries and pains. More than ever before the human race are striving to live longer and stay healthier, at the same time we are in the grip of the fear of different diseases, and is on the lookout for best cure. Here the golden words, ‘prevention is better than cure’ holds significance. Though we are aware of the fact that the best preventive measure is a healthy diet and exercise, we often tend to conveniently forget it for the sake of a fast and cozy life at the cost of a healthy life.
In the contemporary scenario, many studies have been conducted for analyzing the various means to curb life style diseases and most of the studies point to the fact that exercise, healthy diet and avoiding stress are the three important ways to lead a healthy life. To make life happy and meaningful the body must be in good condition. To keep the body in good health we must keep our mind strong and clear. A sound mind in a sound body, it is said. The quality of one’s life depends on how sound one’s mind is and how healthy one’s body is. A healthy body and a pristine mind are quintessential to perform all day to day activities. Only when these conditions are

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