Persuasive Essay On Helicopter Parents

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Are helicopter parents, in fact, motivating their child or are they just setting them up for failure by doing everything they can to shield them from the world? To start off we should first establish what a helicopter parent is. A helicopter parent is someone who is “over-involved” and “overprotective” when it comes to their child’s life. Helicopter Parents are robbing their children of a chance to experience what real freedom and independence feel like. As a matter of fact, crime rates have been dropping for the past few decades, and there isn’t a more adequate time for kids to be safe while playing outside than this time (Paulson). Fear of abduction has always been a worry for many parents, but in 2011 only nine kids were kidnapped by a stranger while 1,140 were killed in vehicles (Skenazy & Haidt). Everyday things like riding in a car are more dangerous than the crimes many parents fear. Kids are constantly being underestimated while the danger is being overestimated (Paulson). This time should be an opportunity for kids to explore their own independence. Not only, do kids these days have had little to no sense of freedom in their decision making but also life in general. They don’t know how to solve their own problems because an adult has always been there to solve it for them. Children are taught to seek an…show more content…
After all those years, helicopter parents say it is only natural to still want to guide and ease them into the next step of their life (“Helicopter Parenting”). Another reason some parents may “hover” is because they can see their child is unhappy (Strauss). No parent wants to see their child in a bad place, so they instinctively pay more attention to them. The contrasting side also says that by parents learning from their own previous mistakes they can teach their children how to avoid making those same
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