Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dolmet

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Having been involved in the biking community since I was a teenager, I have encountered every kind of rider under the sun. They all seem to have their own rituals and traditions and idea of what is and isn’t important when they ride. Despite this, I remain absolutely amazed when I encounter a rider who doesn’t wear a helmet when they hit the road. It probably sounds just as crazy to you as it does to me, but there are many bikers out there who see helmets as a mere suggestion and not as an essential. Now, I know disobeying the rules is part of the whole biker lifestyle, but there is being a rebel and there is being an idiot, and those who neglect to protect their noggins while turning a corner at 200 miles per hour definitely fall into the…show more content…
The good news is, you don’t have to. There is no shortage of inexpensive yet durable motorcycle helmets on the market. The bad news is, however, you will have to drop quite a bit of money if you want to own the Bell Rogue helmet. The Bell Rogue generally sells for in or around $250, which is a lot of money for anybody, particularly when you can get an almost equally effective model for less. Those who are serious about their riding and do so every day will be able to justify the purchase of the Bell Rogue, but hobbyists or those who are new to motorcycles should probably look elsewhere. Final Verdict - So, that does it for my study of the Bell Rogue motorcycle helmet. What’s my final verdict? It’s awesome! Sure, it may cost a little more than some other motorcycle helmets on the market, but for your money you get an almost unrivalled combination of comfort and protection, not to mention durability. The ¾ protection might turn a few people off, but it is nothing that can’t be sorted with a good pair of goggles. The Bell Rogue looks almost like a throwback to the early days of biking, which is ironic because, if you ask me, it is the future of motorcycle
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