Persuasive Essay On Helping People

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Because of this belief, volunteers tend to see themselves as heroes that are saving the world, helping people in dire need that could not been helped otherwise . While some stick to this mindset during their entire stay, others are quickly disillusioned. Their expectations are different from the actual environment, the impact of their work not nearly as effective as they had wished. They are not sufficiently educated about the country they go to or the project they join. Sometimes, volunteers are not always valued by the institution they work for since they are considered disposable and exchangeable. Others feel like they are either given too little or too much responsibility to make it a satisfying experience. The feeling of being overwhelmed with the situation comes as no surprise,…show more content…
Their selection and regulation make it more efficient and helpful but even here various changes need to happen in order to make it truly ethical. I have personally experienced that indeed there are ways to make volunteering an enriching experience for all however it requires commitment and open-mindedness. Alternatively, there is always the option to volunteer in one’s home country which is far more affordable and effective than it may be in a developing country. In conclusion, Western society needs to step away from praising the ones that will post pictures on social media with nameless black kids they played with for a few weeks in the belief they changed their life forever. This is kind of saviour complex does not make their home country a better place. Aid is only then effective if its true intentions lie on the empowerment of the local community to make them self-sufficient. Volunteering will become sustainable when it shifts the focus from fulfilling the expectations of the well-paying visitors onto making it beneficial for those volunteers intended to help in the first

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