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There is just so much to choose from in this respect - but here I will concern myself with what I consider to be the best.

Hemp Tiger Nuts Pellet


Although hemp is seldom used as a hook bait, for obvious reason, it remains one of the finest attractors there is, but just why is that, when so many fish get caught over it?

Carp simply cannot get enough of the stuff, shame it doesn 't come in 14mm sizes really! - but then, if it did, would it loose its appeal?

I think it would! - very quickly indeed too, in no time carp would become cautious of this very distinct bait, as they do with any other form of bait, things soon "blow" if there is something that that spells danger every time they feed
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- recognition of 'type ' is easy for carp with such an acute sense of taste/smell, and they are quickly conditioned by anglers baits to reject them as being far too dangerous to feed upon.

Thankfully though, freshly cooked hemp is still a fantastic fish puller, and until we produce genetically modified super-hemp in a standard hook bait size, it will probably remain a very fine choice for loose feeding.

Preparation of Hemp

I used to soak my hemp for at least a day before cooking, then I would cook it in a pressure cooker for around an hour or until the seeds started to split, then it would be left in the water to ferment and stew in the water over night.

It was never a very satisfactory method though, and it was not without its problems, some batches of hemp would never seem to split at all!

I could never feel confident with that so I bought a gas Burco boiler and have never looked back!

Now, instead of small quantities, I can cook gallons of the stuff in one go, not only that, but it is all perfectly split every time.... at home, or on the bankside while fishing! - this is to be highly recommended, hot hemp along with the water it was cooked in full of the oils and attraction is an obvious

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