Persuasive Essay On High School Education

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Froylan Mendez Professor Mattoon English 1C 12 March 2017 High School Education The education system in high schools is more troubling than elementary and middle school because those are the kind of students that shouldn’t get all the attention. From past experiences with the system and everything that comes along with it. Some of the problems with the education would be the teachers giving too much attention, how they grade and giving extra credit when it isn’t necessary. Teachers shouldn’t be giving students too much attention because they’ll expect it more from every person. The teachers have a weird way of grading student’s papers such as curving their tests, making them easy enough so they don’t have to grade anything. The extra credit is what gets me, students could easily get more points by taking tissues, bottles, ink cartridges etc. what are they, a recycling center? Teachers hand out a ton of homework and expect the students to finish but they can’t finish grading themselves, that doesn’t quite make sense. I understand they want to make the students suffer by giving them a ton of homework but they’re just being cynical and just thinking about themselves. Students feel bad for teachers on how much they have to grade so they don’t turn in their homework but in reality teachers have so much free time that they don’t know what to do with their free time. Teachers are blessed to not take any homework home or even stay after school because if they did, they wouldn’t want

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