College Education Advantages

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When most people begin their high school education, they do so thinking about the opportunity of going to college and receiving a higher education. Attending universities began in 1636 when Europeans arrived to America and founded ‘New College’ (later renamed Harvard University). These Europeans created nine universities that still exist: Harvard, College of William & Mary, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Rutgers and the University of Pennsylvania. As the school system was not yet established most people attending universities were young boys. Their objective was to gain general education in order to inherit family businesses and be leaders in the new world. There are many factors which make it evident that a college education…show more content…
In college students will make new friends through classes and other extracurricular activities such as fraternities, intramural sports, and campus involvement programs. This is an educational system that allows them to learn with interaction in all aspects of the college life, including parties. According to Arthur Chickering 's "Seven Vectors" student development theory, "developing mature interpersonal relationships" is one of the seven stages students progress through as they attend college. In addition, Henry Bienan, PhD, President Emeritus of Northwestern University, says that a college student will be more productive members of society thanks to lower crime rates, better health, just being an all around well educated…show more content…
These students know that all they have to do is study hard and maintain as much financial stability as possible, because after they graduate, if they took advantage of opportunities at college they will have the networking and interpersonal skills plus the knowledge to earn a decent job with a paycheck high enough to forget anything regarding student college debt within less than five years of graduating.
As shown above, having the possibility of earning a good paying job and securing your future as well as your health is more than enough to justify attending a University and studying for four years instead of rushing into job searching in early teen years. It is clearly worth the time and money attending college, as this time will not be wasted, for students will probably enjoy the best years of their lives preparing for the last years of their lives learning more about the things that passion them. There is no better feeling than earning money for doing something you love and are as good as anyone at
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