Persuasive Essay On High School Football

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Have you ever been under huge bright lights at a high school football game?. If so I’m sure you’ve been around loud screams and cheers from the people in the stadium. Let us not forget those mouthwatering nachos and gooey cheese also those hot and ready hot dogs and thirst quenching sodas. Watching those football players tackle each other and score touchdowns would be something I’d enjoy that if you ask me. Kathleen high school football has taught me many things over the past four years like learning the fundamentals of football, being consistent, being a student athlete and love what you’re doing.

High school football at Kathleen high school has taught me a lot over the past four years. A part of my personal experience playing football at Kathleen high school was learning the fundamentals of football. Learning the fundamentals wasn’t just like any other thing that could be taught in a classroom but it required full dedication and determination. There are three things a football player should always do while learning the fundamentals. The first thing is to study your playbook This is one of the most important things because it’s impossible to learn something if you don’t study it and that really stuck to my head as I gotten further into my high school year. Studying my playbook has really prepared me for future games because this gave me the knowledge of what I’m suppose to do when I’m on the field. That being done has taught me a lot about the importance of studying
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