Persuasive Essay On High School Recess

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High school students get bored at school. Do you miss middle school recess and wish you still had it in high school. So this is my idea to give high school students a recess so that they can take a break. The teachers could use break in the school day also. If they need to get the next day's lessons ready for the next couple days or to relax.

The reason students should get a recess is so that they can have something to look forward to at school so that they can perform better. Everyone know’s that students hate school. The students could use the break to sleep,go to the gym, play board games, play on electronics basically do whatever you want to do in that time to relieve stress from you. This will give students a chance to have fun with there friends at school. The recess could be like a normal middle school recess.

The NFL commercial that says go outside and play for sixty minutes a day. The NFL commercial is about playing flag football. There other
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The students could leave lunch whenever they want to go to the gym or outside depending on the weather. If the students don’t want to go to the gym or outside they could go to the library to play board games with their friends. If the student doesn’t want to do the board games or go to the gym or go outside they could stay in the cafeteria and do homework. The students need recess because people need fresh air also.

The students could use the recess to have something to look forward to in school. There are facts that recess lets the students absorb the education that they just learned in the class room. The recess will give the students a reason to do there work so that they can go to recess. Kids that have recess do better then the students that don’t have recess on state test. The students would be happier at school with a
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