Persuasive Essay On High School Sports

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High school and jr.high athletics are very beneficial to every student that is involved with them. In jr.high they allow and help the kids to learn for high school sports and grow and mature at teenagers, it also helps them make friends and allows them to be a lot more comfortable with others. In high school it's the same but instead it helps develop the athlete for the collegiate level if they're going to play at that level. Every student should try to be on a sports team at least once. There are many reason some parents wouldn't want their children to play sports. Now not all of those reasons are good ones but some of them can be pretty reasonable. One of the most reasonable reasons why a parent wouldn't is the risk of injury to their child and there are many ways for them to get injured. There is torn muscles, broken bones, concussions and many more that a parent is scared of happening to…show more content…
Whether it's football, basketball, cross country it's going to help the athlete grow and become mature. If the child doesn't like the sport they don't even have to do it anymore and they can only do it once. But every kid should do it because if they don't they could regret never doing to when they grow up and being in a sport is one of the best experiences a kid will ever have. A sports team is like a athletes second family, a band of brothers as the football team says and they will be there for you whenever you need them. The coaches are like the parents of the team and they will also be there for all of the athletes whether it's academically or if they need any kind of advice that theere in need of that they're to scared to ask their parents . A child will never regret the decision of joining a sport and people can only hope that every kid should experience that feeling at least one time in there life that way they won't regret ever not doing
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