Persuasive Essay On Homeless Veterans

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Veterans and our soldiers are coming home from war or getting out of the military and when they get home they can’t afford rent or they have a mental disease from war. Homeless veterans tend to experience homelessness longer than non-veteran homeless. This should not be happening to our soldiers. This is very undesirable for our troops to come home and becoming homeless. They fight for our freedom and our rights and we repay them by becoming homeless. Us Americans should be helping our troops when they come home. We do not treat our veterans right. They fight for our country, but when they come home they are not treated right. The physical, mental and emotional fatigue that comes with serving in combat is immense and many soldiers see their…show more content…
By getting the community and state involved it can help recognize all the homeless veterans in their community and help them get on track. To ensure that veterans experiencing homelessness can move into permanent housing (“10 Strategies”). They are saying that they will accept homeless veterans applicants regardless of their financial problems and poor credit. Some communities have utilized the Employment Navigator model, where a case management team helps families experiencing homelessness through homelessness assistance and housing, workforce systems, and income supports (“10 Strategies”). Many people could care less of homeless veterans even though those veterans give those people freedom and rights. Those people need to help support our homeless veterans. The government is already helping homeless veterans get off the streets and helping them start a new life. Many kids have parents that have served in the military including my parents. I couldn’t imagine what would happen to us. Just trying to make a living every day so we could survive. Homeless veterans fight for our country and they deserve our honor and respect. Us Americans should help our veterans get off the

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