Essay On Homeless In America

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Introduction Attitudes and opinions towards the homeless in America vary greatly from person to person, but most Americans can agree on one thing: the homeless need help. Despite the huge influx of tax money meant to help the homeless, hundreds of thousands of Americans find themselves with nowhere to sleep every night. Many homeless are forced to sleep on benches, and when they do, they can be arrested for loitering. Homeless shelters are known for falling short in the rehabilitation of the homeless, and the ban on drinking in shelters discourages many homeless from taking refuge there. The homeless population in America is still over 500,000, which begs us to ask the question, are the policies created to help and relieve homelessness, like…show more content…
We can get an insight to how efficiently our taxes are being spent for the homeless by looking at the UK’s system, which is almost an exact reflection of our system. According to a trustable English news source, “The Independent”, which publishes political and social articles mainly about the U.K., welfare programs in England are actually creating more homeless by creating an environment where the English become entirely dependant on welfare and when it’s not enough to make ends meet, they end up homeless. Additionally it can be difficult for the already homeless to get access to welfare to begin with, due to them not knowing their social security number or not having a mailing address. This method of pumping large amounts of money into welfare in an effort to help the homeless is a prime example that the way money is being diverted in mass amount to the homeless may be making things worse rather than better and is largely ineffective and that congress should use the tax money going towards the homeless for more effective
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