Persuasive Essay On Homelessness

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Homelessness is a serious problem all over the world. This problem used to be of an emergent issue but is now seen as a chronic problem (Howard 38). Almost everywhere people go there will be homeless on the street or overcrowded shelters nearby. Chronic, transitional and episodic are the three main types of homelessness (Byrne 3). Although most people think that having no money makes you homeless, in fact, to be considered homeless you just have to not have a permanent home. Some statistics would be 55% unemployed, 33% alcohol abuse, 15% drug abuse, 3% physically disabled (O’Reilly-Fleming 38). Homelessness usually starts from tragic life occurrences/events, death, job loss, violence, and disabilities. On the other hand, a multitude of other things could lead to becoming homeless. The economy, the increase in housing markets and labor markets…show more content…
Panhandling is considered a “nuisance offence” even though many homeless continue to do it. Most beggars in the united states make around 600-1500$ a month (Susser 415). Obviously depending on the region and person that amount may differ. That may seem like plenty of money, but since most homeless will not have a bank account, the money gets spent much quicker when it is being carried around in a pocket all day. The more money beggars are given, the less they will try to get a job or do something more productive. Tourist locations are usually packed with many more homeless because that just means more of an opportunity to get money of off people. Loads of people will give a few dollars to homeless people out on the streets thinking they will use the money for food or save it for housing. The reality is most people would spend the money on drugs or alcohol. Although giving extra money to the beggars could potentially help, it usually just multiplies the homeless on the streets, for they would know they have more of a shot of getting free

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