Persuasive Essay On Homeschooling

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You might think whoever is homeschooled is the luckiest person around. Laying in their pajamas all day and never do school. Yes some homeschoolers are privileged but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. You might think you know what homeschooling is, but do you really? Homeschooling, or home education, is the education of children inside the home conducted by either a parent or a tutor. In Illinois, homeschooling is a form of private education, much like your Catholic and Lutheran church schools. Students are required to cover all the classes that a regular public school would. Each subject or class we take will count towards a college credit for parents to make their child’s transcript. Some of these subjects or classes are taught at a co-op. Co-ops are places where homeschooling families can come together to offer classes or programs to support each other in teaching and learning that parents can’t teach at home. There are many co-ops around the Chicagoland area, such as CHAMPs (Christian Homeschool Arts and Music Program), CCC (Classical Christian Community), and C.U.B.S. (Christian United for Better Schooling). Other than co-ops, students learn at home with workbooks, the internet, and lectures of many different curricular. Just like there are many ways to teach your child, there are different ways kids are and learn. Freshman Jeri-Ann Day is homeschooled for her 6th year after spending time in the public school system. Being diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age,

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