The Importance Of Homeschooling In Public Schools

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Homeschooling is an effective and safe alternative way to educate children. In recent events, there has been a increased debate over homeschooling and its safety for homeschooled children. The reason this ongoing dispute has received a spike in interest is the recent news about the Turpin family in California who homeschooled their 13 kids. The Turpins reportedly starved their 13 children and tethered to them to furniture. The children were discovered after one of the siblings escaped and contacted police. Safety is not the only thing that has people questioning this method of education. Since not all states monitor homeschoolers curriculum, there is concern that they are not educated as well as public schoolers and do not acquire all the skills they need to. In addition to education, there is also the uncertainty that homeschoolers social skills are not developed, and they do not know how to interact with their peers.
In reaction to the Turpins, Sarah Jones, a writer for the New Republic, recently
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According to the National Home Education Research Institute “Home-educated students typically score above average on the SAT and ACT tests that colleges consider for admissions” this shows that homeschoolers are obtaining the proper education they need without the government monitoring everything that homeschoolers learn. Another factor in this is that a vast majority of homeschoolers have siblings that they can watch and became more educated. While the older sibling is learning to read, the younger is learning the alphabet. Because the younger sibling is seeing and hearing the older sibling learn to read, the younger sibling learns to read a great deal faster than they would have without them. Homeschooling fosters an academic environment because everything turns into a learning experience when your school is your home. There is no separation between education and everyday life at

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