Homework Should Be Paid In High School

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Homework is one of the burdensome deeds in high school. Students hate to do it; teachers hate to grade it. Some people wonder, “If everyone hates homework so much, why not simply do away with it and make everybody happy?” If only things were so easy; unfortunately, they are not. Even though homework can often be tedious and time consuming, it does serve a reasonable, justifiable purpose. While it is often inconvenient and unpleasant, it is important that high school students be assigned homework to complete to help teach time management and provide extra practice with the content at hand. The demands homework places upon students are not unreasonable. A recent study done by the Department of Education stated that, “Students with 2-3 hours of homework per night were more successful in school than those who only had guided homework time in school,” (Stiles). Whatever path students take beyond high school, whether that path leads to work or college, there will be times when they have to deal with tasks that are mundane or less-than-exciting, but still necessary (“Homework Blues”). It…show more content…
First of all, without teacher assistance at home, the chances of making mistakes increase. Frustrated by mistakes resulting from not having any teacher guidance at home, students may feel stressed and anxious. Making mistakes can additionally cause students to feel like they are stupid and can cause students, who already dislike school, to dislike it even more. Also, homework takes away valuable time from other commitments that students have. Some students have part-time jobs and family responsibilities to fulfill. Others may have extra-curricular activities, which are absolutely necessary for making a student 's educational experience well-rounded and increase a student’s chances for being accepted into college (Stiles). Homework, in general, can be a major
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