Persuasive Essay On Homework

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Has your child ever experienced physical symptoms of stress, such as headaches, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, weight loss, and stomach problems from homework? Many students say that homework causes stress, however 57% of parents believe that students are given the right amount of homework. Even though homework is assigned to help students practice time management, good work habits and reinforces the material that they learn in class but most students disagree. Homework doesn’t benefit a student, while homework is thought to be harmless it could cause serious consequences and by being responsible and doing it right when you get home it takes time away from family or extra curricular activities. This is why I propose that homework should be abolished from school in order to reduce stress or other symptoms, to create time for family/friends or socializing, and make school a fun place for students to learn rather than collecting pointless homework that could be done in class.
When you think of homework what memories do you remember? Do you remember the stressful nights filled with headaches and little sleep because all you did was finish a project you would never need again or study for a test that you would never take again. The point is that homework equals stress of 4,300 students at primary schools in California 77% said that it causes stress and 56% say it is a primary stressor. Students were also asked by researchers whether they had experienced symptoms such as stress,
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