Persuasive Essay On Honey Bees

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In our world, there insects and other living things that we don't know about.there is one thing that makes us live is the Honeybees,they help us live by helping the plants stay alive.the plants are also important because because the plants give off oxygen. we need oxygen to live or we will die.

why we need honeybees and why people don't have to kill them.we need honey bees so much for their tasty honey and also for their spread of pollen.the pollen is for the plants to live without pollen the plants die without plants we humans die as well.we need bees so much its there job for bees to spread the pollen on the plants.honeybees do to d be harm because bees are such nice insects they are always calm insects they do not mess with no one they are always calm people mess with them and that is why bees attack because they protect their nest.

we can save the honey bees by not spraying repellent on them when they are near your house.we all know that y'all people think they are dangerous and can harm your children and yourselves.alright lets talk about how we can
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some kill bees instantly. others cause bees to die after they deposit the chemicals in their hives.still other pesticides kill only young bees.some pesticides,called noncontinuous, are especially harmful.these chemicals confuse bees so that they forget what they are supposed to do.they are no longer drawn to the scent of the pollen,so they can't pollinate plants .studies show that bees affected by noncontinuous also have fewer offspring.ass it turns out,noncontinuous are the most popular pesticides in the united

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