Synthesis Essay On The Honor System

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The honor code or honor systems is known by educators across the nation. The honor code is used to keep students from making bad decisions educational wise, for example, cheating and plagiarism, therefore, the honor is used to keep students inside the behavioral codes that the honor code has to offer. The honor code is very controversial because of the codes that the system delivers. The system is very influential to the students and creates a behavioral impact that allows the students to follow by the codes and to have complete freedom. The process of the honor code should be maintained due to the honesty and pledges of the students to increase their success. This will allow students to maintain good morals through ethical temptation being…show more content…
Without integrity the honor system would fail due to the lack of honesty that is being set in place by having the students taking a pledge. With this being said students that take school seriously want pure focus and having the honor code it allows these principles to be put in place for better grades and higher rates of success. The author Chris Kahn in Source D uses a quote that shows the students use to commit to the honor code, “On my honor as a student, I have neither given nor received aid on this assignment/exam.” Kahn says that these students write the quote on every test that they turn in to provide a reminder that they are under the honor code. This is a strategy that is a strict form of the honor system letting the students to have complete trust in each other and to have the educators trust. That aside not every student will take a pledge and feel obligated to stop cheating or to be completely honesty. This could be the flaw in the honor code, stating that the students take a pledge to not use plagiarism or cheat which means that not every student will have the integrity to not cheat when he/she didn’t study for a test and has the integrity to be honest to the educator that they have

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