Persuasive Essay On Honor Roll Score

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In eighth grade, I was known to be an overachiever. I would tried to win in any competition. First, it was academic. Getting on the honor roll or effort roll list was everyone 's dream at my school. There was bragging rights to be listed on the honor roll list because you had to get A’s and B’s, which was a very difficult task at my elementary school. Only 4-8 students in the grade would be on the list. The grade had about 90 students, so being on that list meant you were in the top 5% of your grade. “And Yes, it was uncommon for students to get at least 1 C and multiple D’s, the teachers were just ruthless graders” Just imagine how much your name would shine in front of other students and teachers. You were the one in the very few to make…show more content…
I made it to my honor roll list starting my seventh grade and continued till eighth grade. It was rough a childhood. I spent most of my nights doing algebra, writing ridiculously long and meaningless papers, and memorizing a bunch of biology. It wasn’t as a brutal as I continue to adapt to the rigor, but the only writing teacher in our grade would only give 1-2 A, maybe 80 students got B and C. The sciences course wasn’t anything worst, since the writing teacher’s friend was teaching that class. She embraced that same evil mindset. It was miserable. My experience in Elementary school was a nightmare in terms of achieving astounding marks on my report card. You can say that I felt quite oppressed during my time learning from those teachers. No matter what I did, I could never get straight A’s. It was impossible: No one has done it during the eight years I spent at that school. No matter how much I explained to my parents how ridiculous my teachers were: they continue to believe I was a below average student. There was no chance convincing a teacher to give you a better grade: my friends had tried; didn’t work out for them. The story doesn’t finish here, but I have just set up how oppressive my school was toward the students who just
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