Persuasive Essay On Horse Racing

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Imagine sitting on the bleachers cheering on the jockeys and their horses, but, multiple red flags are being set off. Thoroughbreds collapse on the ground from exhaustion and jockeys begin whipping the horses. This is no sport, this is a death run.
Even the winners and losers do not matter in this “sport” when they stop bringing in the greens or receive an injury on the track. They are useless to their owners and sent away. Most of the injuries horses receive are from the whippings and being forced to run at outrageous speeds, which can result in multiple wounds.
Although it is exciting to watch and bet on horse racing, horse racing is not a sport but rather abuse, because of the severe injuries horses sustain, the dangerous steroids used to increase their speed, and the fate before
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Once they end their career they are sent to their deaths. They are “useless” to their so-called owner. They can not even die in peace, they have to wait for their outcome. There is just that small percentage who can live longer than their racemates. It is clear, that after their racing career is over, the animals are worthless, useless, and unwanted to their owners. So, instead of wasting the money the horse has earned the cheapest way is to send them off to wherever they want. Which, is not a nice home, it is a death home.
Living as an animal in the racing industry is difficult exhausting. From endless suffering and injuries, being injected and digesting illegal pills, and if you fail you are thrown out of the industry and killed for multiple usages. The life of a racehorse is not sunshine and rainbows. It is a race to the deaths. Minutes or even seconds they miss the first place spot of the derby or injured they are not worth it in the owner 's eyes. They are unwanted. There is a statement for the horse it is either win and make their owner proud or loses which that leads to a dreadful

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