Persuasive Essay On Horse Riding

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“Horseback riders have abs like a football player, strenght like a hockey player, legs like a gymnast, and a mind like mathletes”. Despite the opinion of people that riding is not a sport because they think that the horse does everything, horseback riding is very good. This sport gives you a lot of benefits, for example, it helps you to gain strenght, balance, and coordination.. Also, you earn flexibility and stability. In addition, it makes you think quickly because you have to be efective since the horse has a mind of it’s own. You make plenty of exercise because you have to control a powerful and large animal. So if you really think aboout it, horseback riding is a marvelous sport after all.

First, this sport helps with core strength
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Riding is not the only way to exercise your body. Working at the barn strengthens muscles and also increases cardiovascular capacity. Carrying hay, a 50-pound bag of feed, and buckets full of water daily is, for sure, going to make you workout. Another way you can gain strength is by taking care of your horse. For example, giving him a good shower. And yes, this might sound crazy because how hard can it be? But having to clean a twelve-foot tall animal is a hard work. Also, you are constantly doing squats because you find yourself in a perpetual squatting position while you ride. You have to hold that position for extended periods of time; it is just like a leg day in the gym, or even more…show more content…
So if you are looking for a sport that is going to make you move muscles you didn’t even know they exist, horseback riding is perfect for you. One of the perks that this sport has is that it will help you to think rapidly, and effective. You will learn to be quick and agile. You’ll gain flexibility, balance, and coordination. It is going to help you gain strength by practicing it but also by taking care of your horse, and carrying hay. So for all of the people who thought that horseback riding isn’t a sport, I suggest you think
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